paper bale press machine

Triple Action Mini Jumbo baling press machine(scrap press from three side with the help of three cylinder) is a medium category machine equipped with only three cylinders and is perfect and efficient for producing bales of medium weight ranging from 25 Kg to 75 Kg. With an average baling time of only 60-70 seconds it is fastest in its segment and no need of rope to tie a bale in paper segment. We have 4 configurations available in different sizes meant for satisfying needs of all kind.

No need of rope to tie a bale in triple action machine for carton/paper/corrugated boxes.

triple action hydraulic baling press machine

 PRICE RANGE FROM 8.5 LAC TO 15 LAC(price are subjected to change per week)

S . No. Specification Sh-783 Sh-784 Sh-785 Sh-786
1 Container Box Size (inch) 20″x 20″x 50″ 22″x 22″x 55″ 25″x 24″x 57″ 25″x30″x60″
2 Pressed Bale Size (inch) 8″ x 8″ 12″ x 12″ 14″ x 14″ 16″ x 16″
3 Pressed Bale Weight (Kg)approx. 20-25(in ms scrap)

10-20(in carton)

10-20(in aluminium)

10-20(pet bottle)

25-35(in ms ,teen scrap)

15-25(in carton)

15-25(in aluminium)

15-25(pet bottle)

35-50(in ms scrap)

25-35(in carton suitable for production of 6 tons/8 hour)

15-30(in aluminium)

20-40(pet bottle)

45-70(in ms scrap)

30-50(in carton suitable for production of 8 tons/8 hour)

20-35(in aluminium)

30-50(pet bottle)

4 Electric Motor (HP) 25 25 30 30
5 Pressing Scrap Time (second) 45-50 50-55 55-60 60-80
6 Production/Shift (tons) 8-10 10-12 12-14 14-16
7 Oil Tank Capacity (Liter) 700 700 800 1000

S.NO. MODEL NO. SH-786 SH-787 SH-788
1. Scrap Containing Box Size 25″x 30″x 60″ 30”x 36”x 60”      30’ X 36’’X 65’’
2. Pressed Bale Size 16″x 16″ 16”x 16”        16’’X 16’’
3. Pressed Bale Weight (Kg)

Depends on pressing material nature and quantity

35-70(in ms scrap)

30-45(in carton)

20-40(in aluminium)

25(pet bottle)

40-55(in carton)

40-80(in ms)

30-50(in aluminium)

30-40(in pet)

   40-65(in carton)

    30-90(in ms)

30-60(in aluminium)

30-50(in pet)

4. Electric Motor (HP) 30 (1440 R.P.M,


40 HP 50 HP
5. Pressing Scrap Time (second) 70 80 80
7. Oil Tank Capacity (Liter) 800 900 1000
8. Operation semi (two lever) Semi two lever Semi 2 lever
9. Delivery time against advance 1 weeks 4-5 weeks 5-6 weeks
10. provided TAMPER PLATE, heat exchange chiller capacity 2 tons,with all spare parts TAMPER PLATE, heat exchange chiller capacity 2 tons, with all spare parts TAMPER PLATE, heat exchange chiller capacity 2 tons, with all spare parts
11. Price ex workshop model manual model 2 lever

 HYDRAULIC OIL,insurance,transportation and G S T 18%


ALL machine supplied without electrical(customer have to arrange all necessary item for motor connection at his site)

  Bale production depends on PRESSING MATERIAL & Labor work.
hydraulic scrap baling press machine

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hydraulic cardboard baling press machine

aluminium scrap baling pressing machine

aluminium tin can baling pressing machine

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hydraulic steel bundling machine
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