plastic pressing machine

plastic bottle baling machine for pressing pet bottles,plastic,single action

plastic bottle baling machine –

We are manufacturer/maker/exporter of  plastic bottle baling machine in country india with low cost price and outside country.
are built for making bale of 100kgs to 600kgs.equipped with upto 1-3 cylinder, vertical machine is available in different variant viz. manual, semi automatic, fully automatic plastic bottle scrap baler hydraulic baling machine.suitable for pressing pet,bottles,plastic etc.
  • plastic bottle baling machine-Efficient for producing bales of medium weight ranging from 75Kg to 155Kg,
  • Machine is available in different sizes meant for satisfying needs of all kind.

3 manual ties

pet bottle baling machine

Capacity of machine30 ton(sh-99)50 ton(sh-100)
Chamber size23”X23”X35”35”x35”x47”
Bale size(inch)23”X23”X23-28”35(L)X35(w)
Approx weight of bale50 to 80 kgs.100 to 130 kgs.
No. of cylinderOne nos.One nos.
Production rates8 to 10 min. per bale10 to 12 min. per bale
Electric motor7.5 H.P./1500 RPM10 H.P./1500 RPM
 Warrantee 1 year 1 year

plastic bottle baling pressmachine

Double Action Ejector – (scrap press from two side with the help of two cylinder)

machines are unique in their class with mechanical ejection system. To provide best performance it is equipped with 4 cylinders. It is used in industry to produce bale ranging from 30Kg to 60Kg. and above. We provide diversity in this machine having 4 configuration to suit clients of all need. Please have a look at the machine and available configurations.

need rope to tie a bale in double action machine for carton/paper/kraft/corrugated boxes etc

hydraulic pet bottle baling press machine

Sl. No.SpecificationSh-001Sh-002Sh-003Sh-004
1Container Box Size (inch)20″x18″x56″22″x20″x56″22″x22″x57″24″x22″x57″
2Pressed Bale Size (inch)12″ x 18″12″ x 20″13″ x 22″13″ x 24″
3Pressed BaleWeight (Kg)approx.15-25(in ms scrap)10-18(in carton)

10-20(in aluminium)

10-20(pet bottle)

20-40(in ms scrap)15-25(in carton)

15-25(in aluminium)

15-25(pet bottle)

35-60(in ms scrap)20-35(in carton)

20-25(in aluminium)

20-35(pet bottle)

45-70(in ms scrap)30-50(in carton)

20-35(in aluminium)

30-50(pet bottle)

4Electric Motor (HP)20202525
5Pressing Scrap Time (second)35-4040-4545-5050-55
6Production/Shift (tons)6-88-1010-1212-14
7Oil Tank Capacity (Ltr.)700700700700

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