Saroj Hydraulics (INDIA)

Manufacturer of best hydraulic scrap baling press machines.(call-09718005004)

We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of all type of  vertical/horizontal hydraulic machines- scrap baling(baler/bundling/compactor/bale) press machine,deep draw press machine/cold forging press machine in NEW DELHI(INDIA), . We are successfully serving our customers since 1987. We serve across the length from Jammu & Kashmir to Kanyakumari and across the breadth from Rajasthan to Arunachal Pradesh. We also overseas and have clients in Africa, United Arab Emirates (UAE),nepal,Bangladesh,sri lanka. We are continuously expanding our serving area to cover the globe. We are known for timely and quality delivery of products with perfection and providing quality training for handling of machines. We do strive to build a strong business relationships with our clients.these hydraulic scrap baling press are suitable for pressing ferrous/non-ferrousscrap(metal&nonmetal)like-tin,can,sheets,carton,steel,cardboard,paper,pulp,m.sscrap,turning,tyrewire,tyre ,cotton,textiles,scrap,alluminium,copper,wires,plastic,strips,bottles,pet-bottles,bags,brass,woven,gloves,cables,chips,ms,vertical-baler,car body,woolen,jute,agro-waste etc.

About us worth highlighting

  • We manufacture Hydraulic scrap baler (Bale weight up to 25Kg to 600Kg and eight Hours Production upto 10tones to 70 tons),
  • variant of machine available- manual,semi automatic,fully automatic (pannel /plc model).
  • Bale machine designed on customer demand according to their required production, bale weight and bale size.
  • Machine manufactured by us are easy to operate and handle with long running time and less maintenance with competitive price.
  • For long running time original company parts used in machine like Pressure Gauge, Flexible Pipe, Electric Motor, Seal, Bearing, DirectionalValve, Unloading Valve, Return Valve, etc.
  • Machine placed all over India and abroad as well.Jammu & kashmirDelhi, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kerala, Gujarat,Himachal Pradesh,punjab, Haryana, Assam, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Uttarakhand, Uttranchal,chattisgadh,west bengal,karnatka to name a few.

Some of our most successful products are:-

  • hydraulic scrap baling press- Triple action jumbo
  • scrap baling press-Triple Action Mini Jumbo
  • baling press-Double Action Ejector
  • hydraulic scrap press-Double Action Auto Door
  • also known as hydraulic press,baler/scrap baler”hydraulic scrap baler;baling press,scrap baling press[scrap baling press machine]hydraulic scrap baling press,hydraulic scrap press,scrap pressing machine/scrap bundling machine/hydraulic scrap compressing machine/scrap processing machine/hydraulic press/hydraulic scrap press/compression baler/bundle machine/bundle press#vertical#horizontal*horizontal baling press/horizontal scrap baling press<horizontal baler >waste recycling machine/bundling machine,paper baler/paper convertor etc.

Triple Action Jumbo

  • A heavy machine meant for fast and efficient working for recycling scrap.available in three variant – (manual scrap baling press,semi automatic scrap baling press,fully automatic scrap baling press (pannel/plc)
  • Equipped with six cylinders and double main cylinder the machine is able to produce Bales in the range of 70Kg to 300 Kg.
  • Machine is available in diffferent sizes meant for satisfying needs of all kind.

Triple Action Mini Jumbo

  • Medium Category machine equipped with three cylinders.
  • Efficient for producing bales of medium weight ranging from 25Kg to 75Kg.
  • Average Baling time is 60-70 seconds.
  • Machine is available in different sizes meant for satisfying needs of all kind.

Double Action Ejector

  • It has a mechanical Ejector system .
  • Equipped with five cylinders.
  • It produces light weight Bales in the range of 30Kg to 60Kg.
  • Machine is available in different sizes meant for satisfying needs of all kind.

Double Action Auto Door

  • It has an automatic door ejection system.
  • Equipped with two cylinders in front for ejection of bale.
  • Machine is available in different sizes meant for satisfying needs of all kind.
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