manufacturer of baling machine,bailing press,all type of hydraulic scrap bailing press machine,pet bottle baling machine,single double triple action low price baler machine 

automatic horizontal/vertical/bundling/compactor/compression/bundle/recyling/processing baler/bale/baling/press/pressing machine equipment etc in MUNDKA INDUSTRIAL AREA,NEW DELHI (INDIA)hydraulic baling press manufacturer.

We are successfully serving hydraulic bailing press machine,bailing machine to our customers since 1987 and exporting the scrap bailing press machine and baler since 2010. We serve across the length from Jammu & Kashmir to Kanyakumari and across the breadth from Rajasthan to Arunachal Pradesh. SAROJ HYDRAULIC also overseas and have clients in-Africa, (UAE), Saudi-arab, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri lanka,bhutan. continuously expanding our serving area to cover the globe. We are known for timely and quality delivery of products with perfection and providing quality training for handling of baling machines. We do strive to build a strong business relationships with our clients.Provided competitive machine price.


 Our scrap baling press machines,hydraulic baling machine,hydraulic baling press machine are installed all over India and abroad. We have installed our hydraulic baling press,baling press machine covering India vertically from Jammu to Kerla, and spanning from Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh-Delhi,(AP)Andhra pradesh, Jammu & kashmir ,(MP)Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra(pune,nagpur,latur,male gaon,aurangabd,sanghli,dhulia), Kerala, Gujarat, (HP)Himachal Pradesh,punjab, Haryana, Assam, Rajasthan, (UP)Uttar Pradesh, Orissa,bihar, Uttarakhand, Uttranchal,chattisgadh,(WB)west bengal,jharkhand,karnatka,kerla,tamil nadu.

Baling Press Machine ( are Suitable / For Pressing-

this baling machine is versatile product for scrap business owner,as this machine is advanced with hydraulic baling press machine system,less time easy work with minimum labour,as hydraulic press machine(pressing machine)compacting paper

ferrous/non-ferrous-scrap,metal,nonmetal-like-iron,ms,aluminium,tin,teena-patra,cane,sheets,loha,carton,rafiya,steel,teen-patra,utensils,bartan,stainless,sheet-steel/cardboard,paper(paper/pulp,m.s/scrap,turning,tyrewire,tyre,kraft,cotton,textiles,copper,wires,plastics,strips,bottles,pet-bottles,bags,brass,woven,gloves,cables,chips,ms-scrap,vertical-baler,car-body,woolen,jute,agro-waste,foam/box,herbs,crc-sheets,paper,strips,waste-scrap,leaf,stamping,two-wheeler/four,cotton,clothes,grass,jadi booti leaf,

branches.,cotton,baggase,packagingi,corrugated/boxes(corrugated,papers,waste-paper,gatta,sacks,plastic-bottle scrap,wood-scrap,occ,cardboard-scrap,laminates,HDPE/PP-Woven-Sack-Bags,Jumbo-Bags,Tarpaulin,Fabric, Embroidery Fabric, Jute Bag, Cement Bag, Green Net, Shed Net, Raffia Bag etc.

baling press machine

Triple Action Mini Jumbo baling machine/ hydraulic baler – (scrap presses from three side with the help of three cylinder for bale carton)

hydraulic baling press machine

hydraulic baling machine for steel,aluminium,iron etc

baling press

double action baling machine for ms scrap from generating scrap from 2 tons to 50 tons per day,baling press machine from sarojhydraulics is provided with great power efficiency and speed of pressing

bailing machine

baling press machine for paper to compress it from three side,buyer always buy that baling machine for two purpose only 1. huge compressed scrap in less area 2. more weightage and loading of scrap on truck when its sell his scrap from one state two another

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