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Our machines are installed all over India and abroad. We have installed our machine covering India vertically from Jammu to Kerla, and spanning from Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh-

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Hydraulic Baling Pressing Machine are Suitable / For Pressing-

ferrous/non-ferrous-scrap,metal,nonmetal-like-iron,ms,aluminium,tin,cane,sheets,carton,rafiya,steel,utensils,bartan,stainless-steel/cardboard,paper(paper/pulp,m.s/scrap,turning,tyrewire,tyre,kraft,cotton,textiles,scrap,copper,wires,plastics,strips,bottles,pet-bottles,bags,brass,woven,gloves,cables,chips,ms-scrap,vertical-baler,car-body,woolen,jute,agro-waste,foam/box,herbs,crc-sheets,paper,strips,waste-scrap,leaf,stamping,two-wheeler/four,cotton,clothes,grass,jadi booti leaf,branches.,cotton,baggase,also deals in buy old baler in against selling of new baler,packaging industries,corrugated boxes(corrugated,papers,waste paper,gatta,sacks,plastic bottle,wood scrap

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baling press machine

Triple Action Mini Jumbo baling machine – (scrap presses from three side with the help of three cyliner),manufacturer of paper baling press machine as worldwide product,paper baling machine lead the paper baling press line- is used to press the scrap generated from paper,note book,newspaper,stationary item,from government firm and so on, but to make new paper its costlier than recycling .so this paper baling machine is helped in to press the all kind of paper scrap produced from human resources in daily life


baling machine

Double Action Ejector baling press – (scrap presses from two side with the help of two cylidner)