metal baler press machine

hydraulic metal baler- 

We produce metal Press Machine that requires minimum maintenance. Our metal Scrap Press,teen iron steel Machine delivers an excellent reputation in scrap yards, car body plants, in furnace plants and non-ferrous metal re melting plants. With our extensive know-how and our findings from in-depth market studies covering the relevant user industries prior to development work, led to a new generation of presses that sets the standards for efficient scrap processing.

metal iron baling press machine is the fastest growing recycling equipment in the field of recycling industries.all the metal baling machine installed by the furnace owner

hydraulic Double Action Ejector auto door– (scrap press from two side with the help of two cylinder)

S. No.SpecificationSh-001Sh-002Sh-003Sh-004
1Container Box Size (inch)20″x 18″x 56″22″x 20″x 56″22″x 22″x 57″24″x 22″x 57″
2metal/iron Bale Size (inch)12″ x 18″12″ x 20″13″ x 22″13″ x 24″
3metal/iron Bale Weight (Kg)approx.15-25(in ms scrap)10-18(in carton)10-20(in aluminium)

10-20(pet bottle)

20-40(in ms scrap)15-25(in carton)15-25(in aluminium)

15-25(pet bottle)

35-60(in ms scrap)20-35(in carton)20-25(in aluminium)

20-35(pet bottle)

45-70(in ms scrap)30-50(in carton)20-35(in aluminium)

30-50(pet bottle)

4Electric Motor (HP)20202525
5Pressing Scrap Time (second)35-4040-4545-5050-55
6Production/Shift (tons)6-88-1010-1212-14
7Oil Tank Capacity (Liter.)700700700700

We are instrumental in manufacturing and export of baling and bundling presses, which find usage in ferrous metal & non ferrous metal scrap industries. Available in diverse dimensions, these machines are immensely used to bundle machined or punched scrap into different sizes of bundles for providing the clients conveniences in storage and transportation.

S. No.SpecificationSh-783Sh-784Sh-785Sh-786
1Container Box Size (inch)20″x 20″x 50″22″x 22″x 55″25″x 24″x 57″25″x 30″x 60″
2iron Bale Size (inch)8″ x 8″12″ x 12″14″ x 14″16″ x 16″
3iron Bale Weight (Kg)approx.20-25(in ms scrap)10-20(in carton)10-20(in aluminium)

10-20(pet bottle)

25-35(in ms scrap)15-25(in carton)15-25(in aluminium)

15-25(pet bottle)

35-50(in ms scrap)25-35(in carton)15-30(in aluminium)

20-40(pet bottle)

45-70(in ms scrap)30-50(in carton)

20-35(in aluminium)

30-50(pet bottle)

4Electric Motor (HP)25253030
5Pressing Scrap Time (second)45-5050-5555-6060-80
6Production/Shift (tons)8-1010-1212-1414-16
7Oil Tank Capacity (Liter.)7007008001000

metal pressing machine

metal baling press machine

S.NO.MODEL NO.SH-999 SH-1000 
1.     Scrap Containing Box Size30”x 36”x 73”30”x 40”x 76”
2.     metal Bale Size18”x 18”20”x 20”
3.     metal Bale Weight (Kg)50-6060-80
4.     Electric Motor (HP)5060
5.     metal Pressing Time (second)90-100
6.     Production/Shift(tons)10-1212-15
7.     Oil Tank Capacity (Liter)14001600
8.     Warranty1 Year1 Year
9.     Delivery Time         AVAILABLEAVAILABLE
10.   Machine length in foot16-1717-18
11.   Machine height in foot7-7.57.5-8
12.   Machine width with side cylinder in foot10-1111-12
13.   Machine width without cylinder in foot6.5-77-7.5
14.   Provided    Tamper Plate·         Heat Exchange(Chiller)

·         Bale Remover

·         Double main cylinder

·         Hydraulic hopper

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