double action hydraulic baling press machine- 

double action baling press machine means need of rope to tie a bale for paper,carton,corrugated boxes,waste paper,kraft,phuttha,gatta,cardboard etc.


paper scrap press machine

The technical specification of double action baling press





double action hydraulic baling press machine- 


bailing machines







double compression baling press

PRICE RANGE FROM  5 LACS TO 9 LACS(price are sujected to change per week)

Sl. No.SpecificationSh-001Sh-002Sh-003Sh-004
1Container Box Size (inch)20″x18″x56″22″x20″x56″22″x22″x57″24″x22″x57″
2Pressed Bale Size (inch)12″ x 18″12″ x 20″13″ x 22″13″ x 24″
3Pressed BaleWeight (Kg)approx.15-25(in ms scrap)10-18(in carton)

10-20(in aluminium)

10-20(pet bottle)

20-40(in ms scrap)15-25(in carton)

15-25(in aluminium)

15-25(pet bottle)

35-60(in ms scrap)20-35(in carton)

20-25(in aluminium)

20-35(pet bottle)

45-70(in ms scrap)30-50(in carton)

20-35(in aluminium)

30-50(pet bottle)

4Electric Motor (HP)20202525
5Pressing Scrap Time (second)35-4040-4545-5050-55
6Production/Shift (tons)6-88-1010-1212-14
7Oil Tank Capacity (Ltr.)700700700700

Please Note : Bale production depends on working Shift hours and Labourers work.

hydraulic baler press machine


These metal scrap baling presses effectively make bales of stainless steel and other metal scraps.These double action bailing presses are capable of producing various metal structural scraps, These systems don’t require too much manpower for smooth functioning and are energy efficient.




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