bottle baling press machine

 bottle baling press machine for pressing recycling scrap waste from daily life ,it is necessary for us to dispose scrap in limited area with great qty.

bottle baling press machine are built for making bale of 100kgs to 600kgs.equipped with upto 1-3 cylinder, vertical machine is available in different variant viz. manual, semi automatic, fully automatic.suitable for pressing pet,bottles,waste bottles


bottle baling press

bottle baling press


descriptionSH-99 (VERTICAL BALER) 30 tons, MANUAL MODEL
Chamber size(lxbxh)600MMx600MMx1500MM
Bale size(lxwxh)600MMX600MM
Bale weight(kgs)60-80(5-7min)
Oil tank(ltr)200
No. of ties3(manually)
Delivery time ex workshop15-20 days against advance
warrantee1 year from date of invoice
Payment terms35% advance and full payment before loading time of machine
EXTRAHydraulic oil,transportation cst(vat 5%) on submitting form c 3% cst will refund

 it is necessary to recycle plastic as to make new plastic it consumes more natural resources to form in comparison of recycling


bottle baling machine

vertical scrap baling machine









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