1. Clean the filter from the oil tank with help of diesel every week
  2. Give oil to some part of machine where rotating or sliding take place within 2-3 days like-lock plate and lid plate joining part,whole in bush and shaft
  3. Always check that scrap never come between lock and door cylinder junction point
  4. Clean the ac chiller forward part within 3-4 days with the help of blower,start chiller half an hour before starting of machine
  5. Adjust or tight the bolt of every cylinder with power in week if needed
  6. Check oil tank- oil tank is full with oil all time,chiller machine is always fully immersed in oil tank
  7. Use good wire,stablizer for electric motor and ac connection
  8. Before starting machine always sure ejector plate is fully set on its surface and clean the below surface of ejector pressure plate
  9. Never put extra scrap above the chamber it can harm the machine
  10. If want to cut the scrap always sure not to cut from only one side edge of machine,put it on both edges side chamber of machine
  11. Clean ejector whole time to time,so any leakage can be find easily
  12. Clean the machine with dry clothes
  13. Machine always placed on plane surface not inclined surfaces
  14. Never switch off the machine in half cycle always switch off the machine in starting moving point.




  • ALL machine supplied without electricals(customer have to arrange all necessary item for motor connection at his site)
  • Machines are provided with a warranty of one year for any manufacturing defect (excluding rubber electrical parts and pressure gauge as these are bought item from outside) and hydraulic pump six months from the date of invoice.
  • However warranty does not cover the machine against any misuse, neglect, poor storage, improper maintenance, and accepts no claim for loading, transportion(by road/rail/sea/air  direct or either by saroj engg. works), duty loss or profit, and consequential damages of any type will not be entertained.
  • Machine warranty starts from the date of billing.
  • Any dues after one month lead to the cancellation of warrantee without any prior notice.
  • its customer duty to load its machine on time from company workshop as some of product bought by us warrantee started from the date when we purchased that product from our vendor like – pump,valve,seals,motor etc.

Optional components-

  • Shearing Blade – for cutting the access scrap spread over the edges of chamber during feeding the chamber
  • hydraulic hoper system – for putting scrap direct into chamber(only for jumbo models)
  • heat exchange – to cool down the temperature of hydraulic oil for continuous working of machine upto 20-24 hours with same performance 
  • bale remover – to pull bale out from the chamber without any worker help
  • operation – manual/semi automatic/fully automatic(pannel/plc)

Extra Charges-

  • Transportation
  • tax
  • Hydraulic oil
  • insurance
  • Electrical –  like motor starter,main switch


Our engineer/supervisor will install the machine at your site free of any installation charges and commissioning of the machine at your site exclude of up down ticket charges(for 2nd ac class),visa(in export) and day night boarding of engineer(in hotel or lodge),when company engineer visit customer site for comissioning of machine, customer will ensure that all material is available related to machine like-machine fondition place, hydraulic oil,machine electrical parts will be fitted by the electriciain,shed of machine,arrangement of generator if light is not available,labour is available at the time of machine trial and operator -if any of these material will not provided then there is waiting charge of 1000/day will be paid by the customer, any miss behave with engineer may lead to the cancellation of warrantee, any due balance after fifteen days  from the date of invoice may lead to the cancellation of warrantee, rest of the services are free for one year warantee period but customer have to paid for ticket, food and day night boarding.

if any problem occur in machine then we will do our best to solve the problem but then also there is solution of problem will take atleast 2-3 days to cover the complaint as its timing depends on availability of requirement part,engineer and engineer ticket time etc.


35% advance(accepted cheque,dd and rtgs) and full payment before loading time of machine(at loading time only rtgs will accepted), if advance is credited in part not fully 35% in one time then delivery time will start from the date of when fully 35% advance credited, when machine is ready its customer duty to load there machine as some parts of machine like motor,pump and valves warrantee given by our vendor from the date when we bought from them, if customer fail to load there machine on time then seller can sold his machine to other buyer after 15 days of manufacturing customer machine, however customer demand machine after 15 days of manufactring customer machine on order then pricing and delivery time of machine are subjected to change according to the raw material time of machine condition only valid after full payment. Kindly send your order by fax or e-mail only. no loading and dispatch without full payment. no advance return and cancellation of machine after placing order.

Saroj engg. works reserves the right to recover any loss it suffers as a result of Buyer cancelling or amending an order .advance non refundable.

If payment is not made in accordance with the agreed terms Saroj engg. works reserves the right to claim interest or a late payment charge at an annual rate of the Prime Lending Rate (PLR) of the Reserve Bank of India + 2% on late payment and additional compensation for debt recovery costs but such rate and compensation shall be capped at the maximum permitted under applicable law.

Please Note : Company reserves the right to introduce any modification & change in specification. Any other clause not mentioned in the offer shall not be binding unless otherwise stated in writing.It is clearly understood and acknowledged by placing an order with us, customer has deemed to have accepted all terms and condition and read it in full.

All matters and disputes are subject to DELHI jurisdiction only. 

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