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vertical/horizontal scrap waste baler / bundling / compactor / processing machine ( manual / plc-fully automatic ) machine in NEW DELHI (INDIA).

About us worth highlighting

  • We manufacture Hydraulic scrap baler (Bale weight up to 25Kg to 600Kg and eight Hours Production upto 10tones to 70 tons),
  • variant of machine available- manual,semi automatic,fully automatic (panel /plc model).
  • Bale machine designed on customer demand according to their required production, bale weight ,bale size and production.
  • Machine manufactured by us are easy to operate and handle with long running time and less maintenance with competitive price.
  • For long running time original company parts used in machine like Pressure Gauge, Flexible Pipe, Electric Motor, Seal, Bearing, Directional Valve, Unloading Valve, Return Valve, etc.

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