carton baling machine

paper baling machine

These Bailing Press are Suitable / for Pressing-

ferrous / non-ferrousscrap (metal&nonmetal) like-iron, ms, aluminium, tin, cane, sheets, carton, steel, stainless-steel / cardboard, packaging industries, corrugated, boxes, paper(paper baling press,paper baling machine), waste(waste paper baling press machine), gatta, paper / pulp, m.s / scrap, turning, tyrewire, tyre, cotton, textiles, scrap, aluminium, copper, wires, plastic, strips, bottles, pet-bottles, bags, brass, woven, gloves, cables, chips, ms-scrap, vertical-baler, car-body, woolen, jute, agro-waste, foam / box, herbs, crc-sheets, strips, waste-scrap, leaf, stamping, two-wheeler / four-wheeler / PLASTIC / foil, hdpe, box, boxes, film, wheelcaps, box, iron, coil, bagaase, swarf , cutting / trimming / metal / non-metal, coils, phutta, gatta/utensils etc.

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