We are manufacture pet bottle pressing Machine
machine available- manual or automatic,
Bale machine designed on customer demand according to their required production, bale weight and bale size.
Machine manufactured by us are easy to operate and handle with long running time and less maintenance with competitive price.

pet bottle Bailing Machine- plastic,bottles

pet bottle Bailing Machine- plastic,bottles


Capacity of machine30 ton(sh-99)50 ton(sh-100)
Chamber size23”X23”X35”35”x35”x47”
Bale size(inch)23”X23”X23-28”35(L)X35(w)
Approx weight of bale50 to 80 kgs.100 to 130 kgs.
No. of cylinderOne nos.One nos.
Production rates8 to 10 min. per bale10 to 12 min. per bale
Electric motor7.5 H.P./1500 RPM10 H.P./1500 RPM
 Warrantee 1 year 1 year


Triple Action Mini Jumbo is a medium category machine equipped with only three cylinders and is perfect and efficient for producing bales of medium weight ranging from 25Kg to 75Kg. With an average baling time of only 60-70 seconds it is fastest in its segment and no need of rope to tie a bale in paper segment. We have 4 configurations available in diffferent sizes meant for satisfying needs of all kind.

No need of rope to tie a bale in triple action machine for carton/paper/kraft/corrugated boxes etc

CLICK ALL VIDEO LINK –  https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=sarojhydraulics

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